Your Vision… Our Solutions


The design and construction of any structure affects an organization’s brand. The key for every architectural and design firm is to have partners they can trust to execute on their vision.

PrintBig (a NextPage Company) specializes in delivering your vision via large format printing. Creating a larger than life image on a multitude of surfaces allows you to provide an authentic brand experience for your clients. There is no better way to influence an organization’s brand than by creating custom wallpaper and large format graphics for critical gathering areas.

Today’s substrates allow for permanent as well as temporary placement and are available in a variety of finishes. Imagine an employee break room that reinforces training and branding messages. A specifically designed room in a children’s hospital provides comfort and fun. Some organizations use large format printing for privacy in windowed meeting areas allowing for both an open feel and privacy.

Visual Merchandising and Brand reinforcement are powerful concepts. A large format display presents a stage for presenting products to consumers. Displaying brand related imagery on canvas becomes brand-inspired artwork.

Whatever the surface, brand, or message high resolution large format printing and imagery produced by PrintBig is the answer you need to reinforce the brand for your clients.