Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information should I supply if I need a quote?
    Specifics we need from you:
    1. Quantity and size for each design you want quoted.
    2. The material you would like them printed on.
    3. The end use. (This will help us determine which material will work best)

  • What file formats do you accept?
    PREFERRED FILES: Adobe Illustrator EPS, CMYK 150 ppi TIF at full size, or High Res PDF. Vector fonts preferred. Send placed images as additional separate files. C60 M60 Y60 K100 for solid blacks.

    For Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Power Point
    1. Illustrator: ai, eps, pdf. Outline fonts and send any placed images as separate files.
    2. Photoshop: psd, tif, or jpg, CMYK 150 ppi at full size for most. 75 ppi for wall murals.
    3. InDesign: MUST include a high resolution PDF file. Outline fonts.
    4. Power Point: We can not accept Power Point files. Save as a full size PDF to submit.

  • Posters: Can you print any size, quantity, and any type?
    We can print one or many, any size, laminated or not, mounted to a wide variety of substrates, and any assorted level of quantity.
  • Banners: Can you print any size and any type?
    We can provide any interior or exterior banners. Any size up to Grand Format 16 ft. x whatever size you need. Materials in vinyl, mesh, fabric or the most affordable and best material for the event or situation.
  • Can you do Prototypes and then accommodate the longer process runs?
    Yes we can. We can provide you with a test prototype run and if you want DIGITAL, LITHO, SCREEN or FLATBED DIGITAL, Print Big will recommend the best possible printing method for your print run.
  • Are you full production and service?
    We can supply file preparation and checking, proofing and color checks, print, finishing, install, plus packing and fulfillment. We are a full service group and with our Partnership Alliance we can cover EVERY type of printing and production run.