6 Tips for Branding Your Office Décor

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression” What is your business space saying about your brand? The first step in planning a space is planning for usage. The most important step is planning for brand affirmation. Creating a welcoming and brand-affirming atmosphere within your office is imperative.

1. Take a fresh look, starting at your entrance space and work your way thru the reception are and all the public spaces. Try viewing your offices thru the eyes of your clients, customers, associates, and recruits.     sabrinastaires_587_389_90

  • Is your signage appropriate and appealing?
  • Does the signage meet your current brand standards?
  • Can a stranger figure out what you do?
  1. A well-decorated office tells the visitor who you are and what the company is about before anyone says a word. From the color scheme to signage and logos, you need to make the most of your nonverbal clues. Generic office furnishings and wall art sends a signal as clearly as bare walls and an empty reception area.
  1. Tell your story. A law office needs to feel professional and authoritative while a photographer’s studio might benefit from expressing an artistic flair. An unkempt doctor or dentist’s office may be a great way to drive business away. These small details will register on the subconscious of everyone who walks thru your doors.
  1. Give them what you want them to remember. There are several ways to incorporate your logo and brand into your décor from subtle to shocking depending on the message you want to send. Use paint colors that coordinate with your company logo and color scheme so logos and signage blend and compliment. Custom wallpaper is an excellent and inexpensive way to establish a sense of permanence and authority.
  2. Wall art can be made simple and brand relevant by custom printing large wall canvases of previous work, successful projects or historically relevant architecture. Keeping the office on theme, and the design consistent throughout creates a sense of calm and trust. Your guests will trust that you are who you say you are and feel confident about doing business with you.
  1. The use of custom branded whiteboards has the capability of removing the generic classroom feel that often comes with their presence. Splashing your logo on every surface is overkill, small consistent touches reinforce your brand.

6_actress_wall_587_440_90Let us help you create the atmosphere that you want people to remember. With nearly two decades in the large format print industry; we have had ample experience helping brands tell their story. How can we help you?

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