Amp Up Your Décor

Custom décor and wallpaper have an appeal across all levels. Everyone wants to create an environment that reflects his or her personality and allows them to feel relaxed and at home. Going to a big box store and selecting from the limited offerings of wallpaper available doesn’t do the trick for most of us. So, you end up with paint.

Why choose from a few options when you can have Custom printed wallpaper from PrintBig Kansas CityNot that there is anything wrong with paint, it’s just that it tends to lack imagination and can feel simple. So, what you really wanted was some dreamy, custom colored, printed wallpaper design that coordinates with your furnishings and personality. There is a simple solution that doesn’t look simple.

Custom designed and printed wallpaper. Sounds too expensive right off the bat, huh? It doesn’t have to be. The advances in modern printing technology paired with the sheer variety of available substrates make custom designed and created wallpaper within the reach of anyone. Have you ever dreamed of matching your walls to the colors and pattern in a tapestry you found in a vintage store? Now you can.

ThinkstockPhotos-75165019The flexibility and an endless number of possible variations available make NOT using it seem downright lazy.

  • An accent or feature wall
  • Custom color and graphics to match furniture or coordinate with window coverings
  • Photo wall
  • Mural
  • Recreate vintage appeal
  • Monograms

Don’t settle. If your design concept is broader than paint and deeper than the offerings at your local hardware store, explore your options! Find out what digital print technology has to offer you. It is now simple and affordable to create the custom wallpaper that reflects your persona. Once you’ve wrapped up that project, you can start customizing for your office!

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