Get Noticed in the Trade Show Crowd

7 out of 10 Trade show visitors plan on buying one or more products*

You attend trade shows for a very good reason. You are there to make new connections, meet potential buyers and ultimately, make sales. Trade show attendees are ready to buy; you’re ready to sell – simple. Right? Not so fast, the fact is that many of your competitors are also there and also ready to sell, to the same buyers.

You need to stand out from the crowd and demand their attention; this is why your favorite large format printer should become your new best friend. Creating the right space invokes your brand and attitude, draws visitors in, and allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed while you work your magic. Banners, posters, and graphics are just a few of the ways you can personalize your generic 10’x10’ trade show booth.PrintBigTradeShowDisplay

72% say the show influenced their buying decision*

Well-designed trade show booths are effective at cutting through the trade show clutter and getting your message to your target audience. Consider your booth space a three-dimensional ad. Utilize every tool you can to convert that generic space into a living, breathing embodiment of your company. Think of each of your booth boundaries as a blank canvas waiting for you to create and share your message. Tables, floors, walls, lighting and entrance banner stands can all be created to blend into a cohesive mission statement.

76% of attendees ask for quotes*

Visitor's to a Tradeshow

Plan your space with attention to the needs of your staff and guests. Make sure you have designated areas for quiet conversation where you can consult and guide your visitor’s decision-making process. If a live demonstration is important, create an area front and center to draw guests in from the main pathways. Make it clear from the entry who you are, what you do and what you offer that sets you apart.

58% only attend one show*

Attracting potential clients is the first step and just the start of the relationship. Collecting relevant information at the show is important; the key is having a plan for “post show engagement”. Exhibitors spend a ton of money on time attending a tradeshow yet less than 70% of exhibitors have any formalized follow-up strategy and fewer than 28% track show leads to converted sales.** Creating a link between your CRM and marketing automation system will make sure your leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Be sure when budgeting and planning for your trade show that you allow ample time and money for a great follow-up program. This will ensure you truly get the most bang for the buck.

*The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)
** 2010 Unisfair Marketing Survey

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