Mesh Banners to Mask the Mess

Kansas City is booming, with the $100 million streetcar line on Main Street and nearly 80 current construction projects our community is a vibrant center of growth. Helping both visitors and locals visualize the end-result is an excellent way to minimize the momentary inconveniences and encourage the visualization of a bright future. Traffic issues and construction dust are minor bumps in the road to a new, revitalized city center and a more prosperous municipality.

1899846_10152089933174139_1850242938_o-810x608Mesh banners on construction sites are the holy grail of sharing the vision beyond the mess and inconvenience. Whether it’s a building site or renovation, the work in progress can be an eyesore to the public (and customers). Telling your story, sharing your vision thru custom printed banners not only hides the disorder, but it also leaves you with endless opportunities to start a conversation.

Share your vision with the community. Images representing the final product can create anticipation and excitement within the neighborhood. A residential site may feature images of people living happily ever after in the state of the art lofts or condos. A future retail establishment might entice prospective customers by giving them a peek into the upcoming offerings.



Reinforce your brand and highlight your professionalism by keeping a clean and well-kept site. Using the banners as a means of advertising offers you another way to communicate with the area. There are many ways to go about it.

  • Adding your company name and logo
  • Advertising the contractor and builder
  • Referencing the finished product
  • Offer sales and leasing information
  • Announce future projects

Make the most of your space and keep your site looking clean and professional at all times. It’s easy when you utilize the power of mesh banners. High-quality digital printing allows your images to pop in full color and be seen from a great distance. We can help you select the right substrate and mounting option to fit your budget and timeline.

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