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Your business, no matter the size, relies on its visibility and reputation to succeed. The branding you invested so much time and thought it is the first and last image you leave in the minds of your customers and clients. Creating that perfect brand, and reaching the right people with it is vital to the future of your company.

Large format printing is the best medium to share your branding message. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The first thing that comes to mind after reading that sentence might be “we aren’t the type of company to put up billboards and wrap cars.” The branding potential of large format print goes so much further than these things, it can be bold and attention grabbing or subtle and subliminal.


BIG and Bold

Billboards are a great way or reaching 1,000’s of people a day. Based on finding from the 2009 Arbitron In Car Study, Americans on average spend about 20 hours in their car each week and drive more than 200 miles. How boring would a drive across Kansas be without something to offer distraction?

Car Wraps are another way to get people’s attention and share your message.   The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says more than 95% of Americans are reached by targeting drivers and passengers, Why not put your vehicle to work for you?

Banners can be made in almost any size and a variety of materials. Indoors or out, the choice is yours. A banner can by a vinyl or mesh outdoor banner or it is a retractable banner stand that you might see in a tradeshow. Today these types of banners can be purchased for as little as a couple hundred dollars, but make your business look polished.


Subtle yet Effective

Posters have a similar effect to banners but can be placed anywhere. You can easily us these for displaying seasonal messages. Posters framed, mounted to foam core or even just hung on a wall, have the distinct ability to be noticed. They are inexpensive and extremely effective.

Wallpaper is another way of sending your message and making your workspace cohesive with your brand message. Today’s technology provides for an amazing opportunity to extend a brand message beyond the logo and into an entire visual experience.

Window Graphics allow retailers to speak volumes to entice passerby’s into the store to engage in an experience, Simple to install, they can be easily and affordably updated.

These are just a few examples of how to cement your branding message thru large format printing. If you’re looking for inspiration, please browse your portfolio. We have been helping business build their brand thru large format printing for nearly two decades, and we would love to help you too.

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